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Just used an ATM? Run for the alcohol gel!

I suggest you put down any food you might be eating while I briefly discuss cash dispensers. Frankly, there’s something unappealing about them. This has nothing to do with politics or economics by the way. I’m trying to say ATMs … Continue reading

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How to Use the Capillex Caplicator

The Capillex Caplicator is a simple, but ingenious tool that makes applying Capillex capillary film to the mesh very simple. This film cassette holds pre-cut lengths of film in a light safe, dust safe environment ready for application. The anti … Continue reading

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Hands up how many of you have glanced at your tablet and frowned at the state of its screen, or looked at its flimsy detachable keypad and noticed how worn out some of the keys or touchpad has become, despite … Continue reading

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How to Use a Coating Machine to Apply Capillex

This video shows a simple way that a conventional coating machine can be used to help apply Capillex capillary film without any form of modification. Capillex film is used in conjunction with the Capillex Caplicator and Capillex Laminating Fluid to … Continue reading

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