Specialty hard coated polyester overlay films when aesthetics matter

macdIn the modern world, the way a product looks and feels cannot be ignored – it is an extension of the way it functions and getting it right sets one product apart from its competition. We understand what it means to operate in a competitive environment and the challenges you face to make designs stand out from the crowd – and that’s exactly what our latest innovations in the Autotex range help you to do.

Hard as Steel

Autotex Steel gives the visual appeal of stainless steel in addition to the extensive benefits of the Autotex film range.

Exceptional results for eye-catching products and a perfect solution for membrane switch overlays, automotive interiors, white goods and mobile phones.

Consistent low gloss textured surface replicating a stainless steel look, with excellent colour clarity when printed.

Unlike steel, Autotex Steel delivers all these additional benefits, greater dent resistance, anti-fingerprinting properties, incorporates secret till lit features, is lightweight and transparent, so text and images can be second surface printed, offering protection and retaining full clarity through the hard coat

This is ideal for electronic and automotive applications. Click here to request a sample

Soft as Silk

Autotex Softouch enhances membrane touch switch overlays with a fine matt finish that feels soft to the touch.

It’s more than just a feeling – Autotex Softouch is incredibly durable and robust enough for every day use, remaining reliable throughout its lifetime. This means Autotex Softouch is the ideal textured film when a tactile surface matters. It is a feel that everyone is used to! It has a consistent ultra low gloss, soft touch surface that can accept screen printed windows with incredible optical clarity. It has excellent flexibility offering embossing and shallow forming capabilities, resistant to abrasion, scratching, chemicals and solvents. It offers superb color clarity when printed.

This is ideal when a tactile surface really matters. Click here to request a sample

Finished With Pride

To find out more about these finishes and to get inspiration on the possibilities the Autotex range can give you for your next project, visit us online or get in touch with one of our representatives.

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