Trends in Automotive Decoration

What’s one of the most visible parts of a vehicle? At first thought one might say body shape, upholstery, or headlight placement, but what about the dashboard? When you’re test driving that brand new car you may not consciously realize how much the dashboard design and technology is affecting your decision.  At the wheel of a vehicle you are constantly relying on the dashboard to gauge your speed, change the music on the radio, or determine the health of your engine. For the same reason you might paint or decorate the inside of your home, you want a car or truck with an attractive interior that is easy on the eyes.

This is where MacDermid Autotype’s expertise comes into play. Their Film Insert Molding films are used in high quality interior automotive applications, especially where parts are desired in piano black. Film Insert Molding (FIM) is a versatile and cost effective method of decorating and manufacturing plastic parts. As an advanced form of In Mold Decoration (IMD,) the flat film is decorated on the second surface, then formed, UV cured, cut and then back injection molded.  The FIM method of interior decoration allows for easy integration of lens/window components and body using just one piece of formable hard coated film. This provides many benefits to the vehicle manufacturer, including a high gloss finish with very sharp colors, deep formability, optical clarity, scratch resistant surface, ability to display graphics behind the film, backlighting/secret till lit options, and excellent chemical resistance. All of these characteristics make for modern, attractive, and sophisticated interior control panels.

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