Meet MacDermid Autotype

It’s no accident that MacDermid Autotype has been trading successfully for more than 140 years; with a combination of innovation, adaptation and superior quality keeping us ahead as a world leader for over a century. So what exactly do we do here at MacDermid Autotype? To begin, we operate globally, from locations in England, Chicago, Singapore and Shanghai, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality products to the screen print, membrane switch and automotive industries.

Here at MacDermid Autotype, we draw from a wealth of history that has embraced cutting edge technology and we continue that tradition of innovation and evolution today. Staying ahead of the curve has allowed us to develop extensive expertise in precision coating that enhances and transforms films and coatings for use in the most demanding of applications. Our knowledgeable and dedicated personnel support customers to achieve the best results from our products, meeting exacting design and application requirements. We understand that performance requirements and challenges are constantly evolving for our customers, so we are constantly evolving, too. Perhaps that is what keeps a business thriving for over a 140 years.

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